Efficiency. Consistency. Control.

DRG/Adaptive Software has built benefit management tools for over a decade, as well as the claims, publishing, and systems integrations that power them. We are proud to say that our industry leading software products power mission critical processes for some of the largest Plans and PBMs in the country.


Health Plans


Finally – a Single Source of Truth in Benefit Management

Here’s where it all comes together

Maintaining a true single source of truth is an all-or-nothing effort, requiring an end-to-end solution capable of managing benefits from P&T to patient. Whether you leverage the entire DRG/Adaptive Platform or a select set of modules, we have designed a system to ensure that our clients can maintain a single source of truth, efficiently.

Workflow Tools Powered by Data

Insight in context (where it belongs)

Payers and PBMs have been bombarded by outside vendors selling “big data”. Our clients don’t want data — they want actionable insight — and they want it from someone who understands their business at its core. Leveraging the largest epidemiology, claims, and formulary datasets in the country, we are poised to deliver insight where and when it matters — directly in your workflow. DRG/Adaptive products are designed to take action.

More than a Vendor

DRG/Adaptive is an industry partner

We don’t just meet requirements — we define them. This is expertise that comes from architecting solutions for the most forward-thinking health plans and PBMs in the country. Ultimately, our software solutions are flexible, and allow our clients to quickly adapt their business processes, without having to procure a new vendor, or new solution as market conditions or industry requirements inevitably change. We maintain a pulse on the market, learn from clinicians doing it right, and roll out enhancements quickly to keep you ahead of the curve. Internal tools go stale — as a partner, we adapt for you.

Off-the-shelf with Deep Customization

The perfect deployment, faster and cheaper

While our products are ready off the shelf, we recognize that our largest and most sophisticated clients need a tool built for them from the ground up. We’ve built a reputation through our willingness to deeply customize our already best-in-class, off-the-shelf, solutions. What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to deliver high-value enterprise quality software solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of other technology providers.

Customization Drives Differentiation

Let DRG/Adaptive be your edge

Unlike competing formulary management solutions, we provide each of our clients with their own copy of the DRG/Adaptive™ platform. This isn’t a big deal if you want to be like everyone else. If you want to stay competitive, we recognize that you need to be different. Since each of our clients gets their own copy of the DRG/Adaptive platform, we are able to seamlessly push broad platform updates, while also introducing customizations specific to the needs of an individual client.

Cloud-based and Built to Evolve

Our products get better with age

It’s our unique ability to see things not just as they are today, but how they might be in the future that allows us to be adaptive. All of our software applications are built on top of our dynamic software platform that allows it to be modified within minutes and hours instead of weeks and months like traditional enterprise software.